No one assumes that they will need to file bankruptcy to address outstanding monetary obligations. However, bankruptcy is a tool that both individuals and businesses can use when their debt becomes too much to bear. It offers a way to get a fresh start and an escape from creditors when there is little hope of moving forward.

Although a bankruptcy filing can occur in an emergency situation, such as on the eve of foreclosure or repossession, proper planning actually allows you to have an even more successful bankruptcy filing. The By the Law Group, APC team can help you go through the planning you need to get all of the exemptions you are entitled to receive and a lot more.

If you are considering bankruptcy, do not wait to schedule a consultation with a California bankruptcy attorney. In many situations, debtors wait too long to file, and by then, they have fewer options both in bankruptcy and when they finish the process. Instead, talk to our team about your options so you can plan effectively.

We offer virtual consultations, which means it is far easier for you to set up an appointment based on your schedule. Learn more about our services in the Bay Area, Orange County, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and more by calling today.